Domestic Industry, Nationalization of Technology and Innovation, Fulfillment of  the Knowledge Gap

The acquisition of technology has become cruciality  for the movement of economical sustainability for what it can possibly contribute to such as leveling up the effectiveness  of elements of production,  competitive capabilities of manufactured products or provided services,  and  paving  the way for industries to enter new or already existing markets.

Almarai Alkhisba Company  undoubtedly believes  that the coming years would witness a thrive in  the technology transfer sector both for public and private sectors  in the State of Libya, and hence it puts forth plans  and predictions  considering it  a strategic choice and a fundamental replacement of the acquisition and development  of technology   to commercially make use of as long as the domestic stock suffers  incompetency in the existing technology .

Almarai Alkhisba Company in regard to its strategic choice, it pays a great attention to two core aspects, the first one is the transfer of technology , the second is  domestically developing and transforming  it in a manner which would activate its ability to what is suitable for the local environment and choice.

Importing technology is an essential strategic choice aiming to accomplish an important  goal to scale up the quantum and quality and development of work ,  and  enhance the competitive ability of facility and quality of products.

All of the previously mentioned is placed with great care by Almarai Alkhisba Company into a frame of adaptation to what had been imported of technology  including  the characteristics and needs of the domestic environment  .

This specified frame normally requires apprehension of the imported technology and its enhancement with so much research and development to make the desired transformation come into action, whether for technology to make it more adaptive to the domestic environment, or  for elements of the domestic environment to  make it the one more adaptive with the imported technology.

At last, by bringing together all the above mentioned elements, the act of creating domestically supportive and nourishing technology and its advancement for the sake of developing what had been imported in an earlier stage. Hence, it is a stage relative to the extent of the ability of the deep understanding of technology, the ability  to develop it till we reach a level where the creation of new technology is possible  either by an action of integrating together what is available or by new addition leading to create independent technological products.

This stage represents the actual beginning to the process of nationalization of technology.

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