Feed and their Effect on the Growth of Livestock

There is no doubt that the majority of the countries around the world suffers food balance insufficiencies and thus strives with a great effort to enhance the national livestock production of red meat, white meat and eggs.

Feed have the most prominent role in the growth of the livestock, as the manufacture of feed is considered the substantial base of all strategic plans for countries to acquire self-sufficiency in regard to food balance.

National production of feed is the most significant building block because it ensures feeding quality and hence the refinement of products and their preservation of any contamination possible since the nutritional mixture must have all necessary elements as the quality of meat and eggs is the result of the healthy nourishment.

Therefore, it is evidently seen that the majority of countries in the world works towards industrial localization of feed as it results in assurances with respect to food security and quality.

 Concentrated feed have a powerful role and their impact on the growth of livestock is absolutely magnificent, as the nourishment and thrive of feed industry is compulsory for the sustainable growth of livestock which is considered as an important and main constituent of the national food security.

With this organized set, the full vision to support the buildup of livestock sector is made clear and the disengagement of its dependence on overseas sources, and as the most exalted view and most concerning aim of Almarai Alkhisba company is to meet the local needs through medium and long term developmental plan since it is one of the most important enhancers of the national project of food security.

Hence, the world of national business is that of projects seeking growth which are not inattentive with respect to the role they play before the local community and the challenges they confront and so maintain an equal effort to the work they are committed to.

That’s why the culture of work at the company of Almarai Alkhisba for Mills and Feed is characteristic in terms of the fact that it is based on national building blocks, and goals including the growing of sales by reinforcing the quality of products and meeting the needs through continuous leveling up plans of productivity and distribution.

These goals intersect with each other as accomplishing them is the achievement of aims serving and influencing the local community by leveling up self- sufficiency and maintenance of food security.

The sustainable growth of livestock is based on two essential factors:

The quality of food introduced through concentrated feed which is the assuring factor to the availability of all required nutritional elements as the development of livestock industry including its two components of quantity and quality would not be accomplished except through food quality.

The other factor is the method by which productivity may be enhanced while maintaining the quality of products of concentrated feed.

These two factors are the most significant inputs for any factory thriving to serve its local community as they direct the vision of Almarai Alkhisba company, as all plans and strategies are made by paying great attention to these two factors , as any expansion or advancement has to be subject to the health conditions and standards  that  ensure the continuity of the most important role of the company involving the leveling up and support of the growth of the national livestock.

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